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Welcome to RoboRun

RoboRun is a fun educational game which teaches kids about the concepts of programming. The aim of the game is to guide the robot through the maze without colliding with any obstacles. Players control the robot by creating a solution which comprises of imperative commands which can be manipulated using loops and decision statements. Levels get progressively harder and encourages players to come up with more intelligent and sophisticated solutions.

Once the player has solved a level successfully, they can export their solution to Microsoft Research's TouchDevelop platform. Using our "robot" library, published on the platform, users can manipulate their code even further and dive deeper into the world of programming through the TouchDevelop platform itself.

Through RoboRun, we aim to teach kids problem solving, logic and reasoning skills. We are introducing students to the world of programming and coding through a fun and visually enticing way. It is also a great way to provide a foundation to the TouchDevelop platform.

RoboRun is a unique way of introducing TouchDevelop to people who have little to no experience in programming. It allows them to quickly grasp invaluable concepts in an exciting way. We hope you enjoy what we have created! :)

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